SepsiDot (Trademark) Bacterial Rapid Diagnostic kit (10min) using sPLA2-IIa

Bacterial Rapid Diagnostic kit (10min) using sPLA2-IIa

Malaysia Sepsis Research Group had found a potential solution for rapid bacterial detection with 2 to 3 drops of blood within 10min. It can be done via a trienzymes biosensor with a portable digital reader. We found that secretary phospholipase A2 group IIa (sPLA2-IIa)  have a very high sensitivity and specitivity (AUC=0.97, Sn=94%, Sp=94%)  in distinguishing bacterial infection from viral (Tan et al 2016, Tan et al 2018).

We also pilot a second study involving 211 patient presented tovalidating the sPLA2-IIa against procalcitonin (PCT). The report was presented to the Annual Scientific Meeting in Emerging Infection And Treat 2017

Distinguish:      Sepsis     Bacterial
sPLA2-IIA          0.81.        0.93         
PCT                     0.79         0.89

In a lower middle income country, we don't have a much resource to investigate sofisticate sepsis. We in need a very rapid diagnostic method to distinguish bacterial sepsis and initiate antibiotic as to compliance to 1 hours antibiotic SSC guideline.

Video explaining how the test kit work:

Pay it forward: Sepsis no more.
A method to rapidly detect sepsis and a revolution the way how we approach sepsis.

We had filed a patent on the invention. The publication (2018) on this POCT can be reach at below link

The bedsite point-of-care will be expected to come out as soon after complete a proper clinical trail.

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