4th World Sepsis Congress 2023

Join us for the 4th World Sepsis Congress hosted by the Global Sepsis Alliance on April 25 and 26, 2023.Over the course of two days and 16 highly relevant and diverse sessions, the congress will feature more than 85 speakers from more than 30 countries speaking on all aspects of sepsis, including the link to pandemics and AMR, the role of AI, ML, big data, patient safety, the impact of policy, novel trial design, the latest research, and much more.

This free online congress is designed for healthcare workers, healthcare providers and funders, healthcare authorities, policymakers, patient families, survivors, and industry professionals.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights and knowledge from the world's leading sepsis experts. Register now and be part of this global effort to improve sepsis outcomes for patients everywhere! For more information on program, speakers, time zones, and to register for free, please visit worldsepsiscongress.org.

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Malaysian Sepsis Evolution Seminar 3.0 (MySE 3.0)

Hi everyone, this is the announcement for our upcoming big event, 

Malaysian Sepsis Evolution Seminar 3.0 (MySE 3.0). 

This course is conducted by the Malaysian Sepsis Alliance. Our aim is to bring you up to date with the latest management of sepsis following the Surviving Sepsis Campaign Guideline 2021. The speakers come from various backgrounds ranging from preclinical scientists to clincal specialists. This course is suitable for clinicians, specialists, master students, paramedics, medical students, healthcare providers as well as medical scientists.

The course details are as below:

DATE: 25th June 2022

TIME: 8.00am - 5.00pm

PLATFORM: Fully virtual via Zoom

FEE: RM50 per pax

8 CPD points will be awarded.

REGISTRATION: Please register by scanning the QR code on the poster or via this link


TENTATIVE PROGRAMME: Please click this link


We look forward to host you! JOIN US NOW!


COVID-19 severity and Inflammation - The New Insight

         The COVID-19 disease progression which is not different from sepsis model. A recent publication From the journal Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM) https://doi.org/10.1515/cclm-2020-1761 showed that 70-90% patients had hypoinflammation instead of full blown hyperinflammation which is only 10-30% in stage 3-5. A full cytokine storm manifestation of COVID-19 sepsis is uncommon, but it is more like a cytokine "breeze".


Adapted from Cytokine “storm”, cytokine “breeze”, or both in COVID-19?
Link:   https://www.degruyter.com/document/doi/10.1515/cclm-2020-1761/html
Lippi, Giuseppe and Plebani, Mario. "Cytokine “storm”, cytokine “breeze”, or both in COVID-19?" Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM), vol. 59, no. 4, 2021, pp. 637-639. https://doi.org/10.1515/cclm-2020-1761

        Based on this study finding, we, Malaysia Sepsis Alliance proposes a model of COVID-19 according to this finding. 

        According to this new insight, high dose steroid administration for COVID-19 patients shall be highly selected and shall not recommended to majority of COVID-19 patients who more likely to be hypoinflammatory hypoxia ('Silent Hypoxia')   (Hui-chin et al 2021)

       Link: https://journal.chestnet.org/article/S0012-3692(20)35352-6/fulltext

         For further inquiries, please do email is at malaysiansepsis@gmail.com



World Sepsis Congress 2021

World Sepsis Congress 2021

World Sepsis Congress will be held on 21-22 April 2021.

On April 21-22, 2021, World Sepsis Congress will return. Over the course of two days and 15 diverse and highly relevant sessions, over 90 speakers from more than 30 countries will give trenchant talks on all aspects of sepsis, from the impact of policy, the role of artificial intelligence and big data, patient safety, and long-term sequelae through to novel trial design, the latest research, and much more.

These are the lnk for the program, the list of speakers and the registration for your reference. It is free to join. Please do feel free to join the event.




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Malaysian Sepsis Day | World Sepsis Day


The number 1 killer.

It is a sickness cause by serious infection (e.g. COVID-19, lung infection, flu). 

Early recognisation save life because it is treatable and preventable.

Today is World Sepsis Day, 13 Sept 2020, aim to increase Sepsis awareness to public and healthcare provider.

Let us hand in hand make Malaysia and World 



Credit to 

Malaysian Sepsis Alliance

& Edric Yip for the video editing







World Sepsis Meeting 2020

Please come and join us for a bi annual sepsis biggest event on the planet.

The registration is free
It involve 150 speakers with 55 countries all over the world.

Animal do have sepsis. Veterinarian are invited too!

Please go the link below and register early!



Webinar: Management and Heomdynamic Monitoring in Sepsis

I would to take this opportunity to make the first announce of the next coming Webinar session on "Management and Hemodynamic Monitoring in Sepsis."

Date: 25 June 2020
Time: 10am to 12pm
Venue: Zoom


Please register via this link for next week webinar (25 June 2020)

Just simply key in your ic number in staff/student id column if you are not our UKM staff.

This webinar is open and free for all. It is suitable for healthcare providers, doctors, GPs, nurses and assistant medical officers.

This is my previous week webinar on "Sepsis Identification". In case those who miss the session, you may watch it again at the link below.

The video was the recording of the previous session (18 June 2020). You may watch it before next week session. It is a continuum for next week webinar.


Thank you. Have a nice day.

Associate Professor Dr Tan Toh Leong
Senior Lecturer and Consultant Emergency Physician,
Hospital Canselor Tuanku Muhris, Pusat Perubatan UKM,
President of Malaysian Sepsis Alliance Society (MySepsis).

Restriction of Movement, Social distancing, DO NOT PANIC, resist from over-buying, and Pray!

Restriction of Movement, Social distancing, DO NOT PANIC, resist from over-buying, and Pray!
On March 11th 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the 2019 Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19, caused by SARS-CoV-2 viral infection) a global pandemic, meaning this disease has spread far and wide. Up to the day of this writing, there are 182,815 positive cases and 7147 deaths globally. Although new cases in China has reduced in numbers, the numbers of new positive cases are now emerging at an alarming rate outside of China, namely Italy, Iran and Spain. This deadly pandemic has increased due to the continuous worldwide spread of SARS-CoV-2, with cases reported in 162 countries around the world. Malaysia has reported our 2nd COVID-19-related death. The Mitigation Phase has been activated with the movement restriction policy from 18th – 31st March 2020 to delay the epidemic peak, so that our healthcare system can cope with the outbreak.
What should you do to protect yourself and your loved ones?
1.       Take good care of your own hygiene.
2.       Wash your hands every 10- 15min if you are outdoors (a bit OCD is ok during this mitigation phase)
3.       If you are sick, wear a mask whenever outdoors. Keep masks for those who are sick.
4.       Do not wear DIY masks, it will endanger others and ourselves, especially when we are sick. The DIY mask will not filter germs, and may cause more spreading of germs!
5.       Stay away from the public = stay at home = SOCIAL DISTANCING. if this is not possible, distance yourself about 1 meter apart, wear mask, please use hand sanitizer or wash your hands thoroughly with soap before the next activity.
6.       Do not shake hands or kiss. Wave hi or salam from a distance.
7.       Keep all elderly and children at home, provide them enough food and drink during this period.
8.       Avoid mass gathering and travelling! No celebrations. No balik kampung to hometown.
9.       If you are having symptoms but no contact history with anyone who might have been exposed, please stay home and self-monitor. The “10 second breath-holding” test is a tool to gauge our lung function (**IMPORTANT: this does NOT test for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It is to gauge if our lung capacity is still functioning well). If you can hold a deep breath for more than 10 seconds, your lung function should still be ok. If you are sick, and cannot hold  a deep breath for 10sec, please get tested at a hospital.
10.    If you have contact with any COVID-19 patient, and you are symptomatic , please get tested at our hospitals.
11.    If you have contact with any COVID-19 patient, and you do not have symptoms, please call our KKM hotline (office hours) 03-88810200/600/700, or doctoroncall (https://www.doctoroncall.com.my/)  (after office hours) for further instructions.
12.    Stay calm and do not panic. We have enough resouces to control COVID-19, if we follow 100% official KKM guidelines. 
13.    Last but not least. DO NOT PANIC or OVER-BUY! Just buy for your family’s own needs. Leave some for others. Our rakyat are from a wide range of financial backgrounds (including B40). Our aim is to keep basic needs (eg. groceries & toilettries) constantly available in the market, so that everyone can buy. With constant supply, the price of goods will not inflate; and constant supply is ensured. Keep panic at bay. **Not everyone has similar purchase power. We need to consider others who are having financial constrain in this outbreak.
We wish COVID-19 pandemic will be over soon,  and pray for everyone’s safety.



Penjarakkan sosial, JANGAN PANIK, jangan beli berlebihan, dan Doa!

Pada 11 Mac, Pertubuhan Kesihatan Sedunia (WHO) mengisytiharkan jangkitan oleh SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) sebagai jangkitan pandemik, ini bermaksud penyakit ini telah tersebar luas. Sehingga hari penulisan ini, terdapat 182,815 kes positif dan 7147 kematian di seluruh dunia. Walaupun kes-kes baru di China telah berkurang, bilangan kes positif baru kini muncul pada kadar yang membimbangkan di luar China iaitu Itali, Iran dan Sepanyol. Wabak yang boleh membawa maut ini telah meningkat disebabkan oleh penyebaran SARS-CoV-2 yang berterusan di seluruh dunia, di mana  kes-kes telah dilaporkan di 162 negara di seluruh dunia. Malaysia sudah melaporkan kes kematian berkaitan COVID-19 yang kedua. Dari 18 Mac, Fasa Mitigasi telah diaktifkan sekarang dengan Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan untuk melambatkan puncak epidermik, supaya sistem perubatan kita dapat dapat menampung jumlah pesakit sepanjang wabak ini.

Apa yang perlu kita lakukan sekarang untuk melindungi sendiri dan orang kesayangan kita?
1.       Kebersihan kendiri adalah tanggungjawab penting setiap individu.
2.       Basuh tangan anda setiap 10 - 15 minit jika anda berada di luar rumah (sedikit OCD adalah ok semasa fasa kritikal ini).
3.       Jika anda sakit, gunakan “mask”. “Mask” adalah untuk mereka yang sakit.
4.        Jangan memakai “mask” buatan sendiri. Ia akan bahayakan diri anda dan orang lain. Ini terutamanya apabila anda sakit dan memakai “mask” buatan sendiri. “Mask” jenis ini tidak akan menapis kuman. Ini membolehkan pembiakan dan seterusnya perebakan kuman tersebut!
5.       “Kawalan pergerakan” = berada di rumah = PENJARAKKAN SOSIAL. Sekiranya anda perlu keluar, cuba jangan sentuh sebarang permukaan. Sekiranya tidak dapat dielakkan, sila gunakan sanitizer tangan atau membasuh tangan dengan sabun dengan sepenuhnya sebelum aktiviti seterusnya.
6.       Jangan berjabat tangan, salam dan cium. Hanya gunakan isyarat tangan ‘hi’ atau salam dari jauh.
7.       Pastikan warga emas berada di rumah dan sediakan mereka makanan dan minuman yang mencukupi dalam tempoh ini.
8.       Elakkan semua acara perhimpunan besar dan perjalanan ke luar negara! Tundakan acara perayaan.
9.       Jika anda mengalami gejala tapi tiada sejarah kontak dengan pesakit COVID-19, anda dinasihatkan supaya berada di rumah dan membuat pengawasan kesihatan sendiri. Ujian “tahan nafas 10 saat” adalah cara mudah untuk pemantauan fungsi peparu kita (**nota PENTING: ini bukan untuk pengesanan virus SARS-CoV-2, hanya untuk memantau fungsi peparu kita). Maksudnya, jika anda dapat menahan nafas lebih daripada 10 saat, fungsi peparu anda masih baik.
10.    Jika anda mempunyai sejarah kontak dengan pesakit COVID-19, dan anda mempunyai gejala penyakit, sila ke hospital untuk ujian saringan.
11.    Sekiranya anda mempunyai sejarah kontak dengan pesakit COVID-19, dan anda TIDAK mempunya gejala, sila hubungi talian hotline KKM 03-88810200/600/700 (waktu pejabat) dan doctoroncall (https://www.doctoroncall.com.my/ ) (selepas jam pejabat) untuk mendapatkan arahan lanjut.
12.    Tenang dan jangan panik. Kita mempunyai bekalan yang mencukupi untuk mengawal wabak COVID-19 jika kita mengikuti panduan ini 100%.
13.    JANGAN MEMBELI dengan berlebihan! Beli yang perlu/cukup untuk keluarga anda sendiri. Negara kita terdiri daripada pelbagai lapisan masyarakat dengan status kewangan yang berbeza (misalnya B40). Matlamat kita adalah untuk menjaga supaya keperluan asas (misalnya barangan runcit & kelengkapan kebersihan diri) mencukupi di pasaran, supaya semua orang boleh membeli dari semasa ke semasa. Dengan bekalan barang yang berterusan, harga barangan tidak akan melambung, dan bekalan tetap boleh dipastikan. Ini akan mengurangkan panik.** Tidak semua orang mempunyai kuasa pembelian yang sama. Kita perlu mempertimbangkan mereka yang mempunyai masalah kewangan semasa wabak ini. Kami mendoakan keselamatan anda semua.










5. 行动限制=远离公众,意味着待在家里。社会疏远。如果无法做到这一点,请相距约1米,请在下一次活动之前使用洗手液或用肥皂彻底洗手。




9.如果您没有症状,且没有和COVID-19患者的接触,请留在家中并进行自我监控。 10秒钟的屏气测试,可以作为自我监控肺功能的工具 (**注:这个测试不能检出SARS-CoV-2病毒,只是个肺功能的检测)。如果您可以屏住呼吸超过10秒钟,肺功能应该没问题。


11. 如果您与任何COVID-19患者接触,但没有症状,请拨打我们的KKM热线 0388810200/600/700(办公时间)和Doctoroncall (https://www.doctoroncall.com.my/)(办公时间之后)以获取进一步的指导。

12.保持冷静,不要惊慌。如果我们100% 遵循这些指南,我们就有足够的资源来控制疫情。



Don't Not Panic, Social Distancing and Do Not Over Buying.

Social distancing, DO NOT PANIC, don't over buying, and Pray! (附华语翻译)

Some important info:

1. COVID-19 doesn't not behave like SARS. It behave more like a flu.

2. Fatality rate for COVID-19 still low (range from 0.8 for less than 65 year old  to 15% only for elderly 80year old and above)

3. Transmission model not similar to SARS as they might transmit during asymptomatic period. But not to worry, if we got it, it will be like having a flu and recover later. No big deals

4. The COVID-19 plays 'hide and seek' behave like HIV (my own observation), that why some patient negative swab and later positive again.

5. The range of day from getting disease til symptoms present  (average 11.4 days, outlier up 21 days)

6. Effective treatment include antivirus.

7. Elderly, chronic illness are high risk of morbidity & mortality (CARS and PIC syndrome group)

8. Second wave of remerge of disease will attack younger person less than 35 years old (SIRS and Cytokinase Storm)

Mitigation Phase should be activated now to delay the epidermic peak, so that the healthcare system can cope with the outbreak

What shall we all do now to protect you and your love one?

Listen carefully guys and gals. It is very very crucial now.

1. Do our own responsibility taking care of our own hygiene.

2. Wash you hand every 10- 15min if you are outside (a bit OCD is ok during this mitigation phase)

3. If you sick, only wear mask. Keep those mask for the sick.

4. Do not wear your self created mask, it danger other and yourself, especially when you are sick and you wear it, it won't filter and germ and may spread the germ more!

5. Stay away from public, mean stay home. SOCIAL DISTANCING.

6. Don't shake hand and kiss. Just saya a hi or salam gesture from far.

7. Keep all the eldeely at home and provide them enough food and drink during this period.

8. Avoid all Mass gathering event and travelling! No no celebration event. Postpone it if possible. Sorry for those wedding event.

9. If you are having symptom and no contact history, stay home and self monitor. 10 sec breath holding test is good as a tool for self monitoring. Mean, if you can hold a deep breath more than 10 sec, you should be ok.

10. If you have contact with any COVID-19 patient, and you are symptomatic , please come forward to hospital. If you do not have symptom, please call our KKM hotline (office hours) and doctoroncall (after office hour) for further instruction.

11. Stay Calm and Do not panic. We have enough resouces to control disease if we follow these guide 100%.

12. School Holiday mean STAY AT HOME.

13. Last but not least. DO NOT OVER BUYING! Just buy your family own needs. Left some for others. Our country have wide range financial backgroud citizen (especially B40). Our aim is to keep the market basic need (eg. groceries & toilettries) constantsly available in the market so that everyone can buy it. With the constants goods supply, the price of goods won't go up and constant supply is ensured. So nobody will panic.

*Not everyone has similar purchase power. We need to consider others who had financial constrain in this outbreak season.

Pray for all safety.

Assoc Prof Dr Tan Toh Leong
President of Malaysia Sepsis Alliance

Consultant Emergency Medicine UKM



1. COVID-19的行为不像SARS。它的行为更像流感。

2. COVID-19的死亡率仍然很低(范围从65岁以下的0.8到80岁以上的老年人的15%)


4. COVID-19扮演“躲猫猫”的行为,就像HIV(我自己的观察)一样,这就是为什么有些病人拭子阴性,后来又阳性。










3.如果生病,请只戴口罩。留那些面具给病人或高风险的人士,例如老年小孩,高血压,心脏病,癌症,艾滋病,糖尿病 。






9.如果您有症状且没有联系历史,请留在家中并进行自我监控。 10秒钟的屏气测试可以作为自我监控的工具。意思是,如果您可以屏住呼吸超过10秒钟,那应该没问题。

10.如果您与任何COVID-19患者接触,并且有症状,请赶快去医院。如果您没有症状,请拨打我们的KKM热线 0388810200,600,700(办公时间)和Doctoroncall(办公时间之后)以获取进一步的指导。