Sepsis Management Update- Advanced Level 

Organised by: Malaysia Sepsis Alliance
Speaker: Dr Tan Toh Leong
Senior Lecturer and Emergency Department
AMS UKMMC Committee

Malaysia Sepsis Alliance in conjunction with Emergency Department of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre had organized a Sepsis Management Update Course on 18th January 2019. It involved specialist around Malaysia which included expert from emergency department, microbiology department, biochemistry department and etc. In this course, the understanding of sepsis was enlightened by all of expert from various field. Sepsis Identification and Management was greatly emphasized in this course where quick identification of Sepsis or Septic Shock in suspected patients, determination state of sepsis either SIRS, CARS or MARS, obtained suggested biomarkers and management of sepsis by initiate 1 hour bundle while maintaining the volume and cardiac contractility.

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