Don't Not Panic, Social Distancing and Do Not Over Buying.

Social distancing, DO NOT PANIC, don't over buying, and Pray! (附华语翻译)

Some important info:

1. COVID-19 doesn't not behave like SARS. It behave more like a flu.

2. Fatality rate for COVID-19 still low (range from 0.8 for less than 65 year old  to 15% only for elderly 80year old and above)

3. Transmission model not similar to SARS as they might transmit during asymptomatic period. But not to worry, if we got it, it will be like having a flu and recover later. No big deals

4. The COVID-19 plays 'hide and seek' behave like HIV (my own observation), that why some patient negative swab and later positive again.

5. The range of day from getting disease til symptoms present  (average 11.4 days, outlier up 21 days)

6. Effective treatment include antivirus.

7. Elderly, chronic illness are high risk of morbidity & mortality (CARS and PIC syndrome group)

8. Second wave of remerge of disease will attack younger person less than 35 years old (SIRS and Cytokinase Storm)

Mitigation Phase should be activated now to delay the epidermic peak, so that the healthcare system can cope with the outbreak

What shall we all do now to protect you and your love one?

Listen carefully guys and gals. It is very very crucial now.

1. Do our own responsibility taking care of our own hygiene.

2. Wash you hand every 10- 15min if you are outside (a bit OCD is ok during this mitigation phase)

3. If you sick, only wear mask. Keep those mask for the sick.

4. Do not wear your self created mask, it danger other and yourself, especially when you are sick and you wear it, it won't filter and germ and may spread the germ more!

5. Stay away from public, mean stay home. SOCIAL DISTANCING.

6. Don't shake hand and kiss. Just saya a hi or salam gesture from far.

7. Keep all the eldeely at home and provide them enough food and drink during this period.

8. Avoid all Mass gathering event and travelling! No no celebration event. Postpone it if possible. Sorry for those wedding event.

9. If you are having symptom and no contact history, stay home and self monitor. 10 sec breath holding test is good as a tool for self monitoring. Mean, if you can hold a deep breath more than 10 sec, you should be ok.

10. If you have contact with any COVID-19 patient, and you are symptomatic , please come forward to hospital. If you do not have symptom, please call our KKM hotline (office hours) and doctoroncall (after office hour) for further instruction.

11. Stay Calm and Do not panic. We have enough resouces to control disease if we follow these guide 100%.

12. School Holiday mean STAY AT HOME.

13. Last but not least. DO NOT OVER BUYING! Just buy your family own needs. Left some for others. Our country have wide range financial backgroud citizen (especially B40). Our aim is to keep the market basic need (eg. groceries & toilettries) constantsly available in the market so that everyone can buy it. With the constants goods supply, the price of goods won't go up and constant supply is ensured. So nobody will panic.

*Not everyone has similar purchase power. We need to consider others who had financial constrain in this outbreak season.

Pray for all safety.

Assoc Prof Dr Tan Toh Leong
President of Malaysia Sepsis Alliance

Consultant Emergency Medicine UKM



1. COVID-19的行为不像SARS。它的行为更像流感。

2. COVID-19的死亡率仍然很低(范围从65岁以下的0.8到80岁以上的老年人的15%)


4. COVID-19扮演“躲猫猫”的行为,就像HIV(我自己的观察)一样,这就是为什么有些病人拭子阴性,后来又阳性。










3.如果生病,请只戴口罩。留那些面具给病人或高风险的人士,例如老年小孩,高血压,心脏病,癌症,艾滋病,糖尿病 。






9.如果您有症状且没有联系历史,请留在家中并进行自我监控。 10秒钟的屏气测试可以作为自我监控的工具。意思是,如果您可以屏住呼吸超过10秒钟,那应该没问题。

10.如果您与任何COVID-19患者接触,并且有症状,请赶快去医院。如果您没有症状,请拨打我们的KKM热线 0388810200,600,700(办公时间)和Doctoroncall(办公时间之后)以获取进一步的指导。







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