Sepsis Management - A Quick Guide for LMIC (update 2023)

 15 Sept 2023

Our ebook for sepsis management in our local setting 2nd edition was published!

Confused about how to identify sepsis?

Confused about how and when to use qSOFA score?

But eager to know the cheapest and simplest ways to monitor and manage sepsis in a busy and limited resources setting?

"Sepsis Management: A Quick Guide", this ebook is customized to suit our local setting and other low-middle income countries to provide you with the answer.

The book contains side-by-side illustrations with texts to unfold the complexity of sepsis and is easy to understand. It also contains important pitfalls and tips for managing sepsis. Furthermore, the book is also equipped with google translation tool to accommodate readers of different languages.

This book is suitable for:

1. Doctors who work in the district, Emergency Departments, ICU, and Critical care units. It is also suitable for Infectious disease specialists, pharmacists, and healthcare providers,  especially those from low-middle-income countries.

2. Paramedics and Nursing personnel.

3. Scientists who is currently doing or wishing to do clinical research in sepsis.

Get a copy at the Google Play Book Store with the offer price at this link. (support for both ios and Android users)

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